Swiff Pedals AP01 Distortionista - Distortion

  • $49.00
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A punchy analog distortion.  From delicate arpeggios to heavy riffs, this pedal will always stand out. Experiment with the volume knob of your instrument to fully experience the dynamic range of this little monster.

DISTORTION determines the amount of distortion, how saturated is your sound going to be (clockwise rotation to increases the distortion)

CONTOUR interacts with the tone knob, shaping the frequency emphasis overall (clockwise it lowers the mid-range giving a very "scooped" tone and counterclockwise it emphasizes the mids)

VOLUME a post gain control to adjust the output level of the DISTORTIONISTA (clockwise rotation to increases the output level)

TONE adjust the tone knob to brighten or darken your sound (clockwise rotation to increase go brighter and counterclockwise to go darker)